During my trans-Siberian trip through China, Mongolia and Russia, I decided to put together a map showing the route we took:

  • [pin name=“Beijing” pin lat=39.95607 lng=116.400146 image=“//assets/beijing.jpg”]
  • [pin name=“Ulan Bator” pin lat=48.213693 lng=106.97113 image=“//assets/ulanbator.jpg”]
  • [pin name=“Ulan Ude” pin lat=51.845791 lng=107.5647 image=“//assets/ulanude.jpg”]
  • [pin name=“Irkutsk” pin lat=52.371407 lng=104.240341 image=“//assets/irkutsk.jpg”]
  • [pin name=“Ekaterinburg” pin lat=56.887252 lng=60.599899 image=“//assets/ekaterinburg.jpg”]
  • [pin name=“St. Petersburg” pin lat=59.995552 lng=30.091553 image=“//assets/stpetersburg1.jpg”]

[map zoom=2]